AN AVID watcher of the amazing achievements of Australia’s Paralympic athletes in Tokyo over the past few weeks, Phillip Island’s Beau Vernon has restated his intention to try to compete internationally and ultimately at the 2024 Paris Paralympic Games.

Speaking on ABC Gippsland Radio during the week, Vernon said he watched the games from start to finish, and found the whole event more engaging even than the Olympic Games, but took a special interest in the hand-cycling, his chosen sport, and the wheelchair rugby.

“I’m into my hand-cycling and hoping to get that onto the international stage over the next few years so, I enjoyed watching the hand-cycling and I also love wheelchair rugby.

“I’ve met a few of the people in the wheelchair rugby team, so I really love that.

“Yes, I just loved watching a range of different things.”

Vernon was asked about how his entry into the sport of hand cycling a few years ago was going and he noted that he’d been able to come through and win two events at the AusCycle National Championships in Ballarat in February this year.

The 33-year-old won gold in the time trial and the road race in the hand-cycling H1 category.

“I suppose, just continuing to build, and training consistently with that and we’re going to build and get to a level where hopefully I can compete internationally.”

In a recent article in the Sentinel-Times Vernon said he was training up to six times-a-week, often getting up at 6am to hit the road.

And in December last year, he hand-cycled for 100kms on the Island to raise $13,000 for the Robert Rose Foundation and its Team 22 initiative.