WHILE local sport is on hold, the Wonthaggi Road Runners have found a way to hold races within the COVID-19 lockdown rules.

The races are virtual and are set up in such a way that runners of all abilities have an equal chance of “winning” the race.

It is a 5km race in which runners have to make predictions; how fast they will run their second kilometre; how fast they will run their fourth kilometre and a prediction for their five-kilometre overall time.

The difference between prediction and actual times is added to get an aggregate score.

It is all a bit of fun, allowing runners to go out on the weekend and have a run with purpose.

Runners run alone and post their times to the Road Runners Facebook group.

The beauty of the race is that runners can run any distance at all, as long as their first five kilometres are continuous.

If they keep going as part of a longer run, then that is fine.

On the weekend, the club had their third race of the season with 20 runners taking part.

Running in fifth place was Inverloch runner Etsuko Yasunaga who was only 19 seconds away from her predictions.

Then, in equal second place, there were three runners who were only 12 seconds from their predicted times.

Father and daughter, Glenn Sullivan and Emma Scorah, clocked the same aggregate and were early leaders in the run on Saturday morning.

Glenn ran in Wonthaggi and Emma on the new rail trail at Korumburra.

Joining them was Julie Jacobs who ran in Inverloch on Sunday.

Running in first place was another Inverloch runner in Jeff Robertson.

Jeff was two seconds slower than his second kilometre prediction, right on time for his fourth kilometre and only one second over his 5km prediction.

Jeff’s time of 22:11 was also the fastest run for the weekend.

Jeff has mastered this race format, winning all three races to date. He was five seconds off prediction in race one and has been within three seconds for races two and three.

We may need to find some distractions out on the course for race four.

With COVID-19 restrictions looking like they will extend, it appears there will be another race in the coming weeks. Interested runners should keep an eye out on the Wonthaggi Road Runners Facebook group.