MICHAELS IGA in Korumburra reopened at 3pm on Saturday, October 30 but after more than 24 hours without power, they were forced to unload a large quantity of food before getting the doors open again.

The meat case was cleared and re-stocked again before the reopening, the deli was set up again but you’ll just have to bear with them for a few days until more supplies arrive.

“I don’t think people know we’re open again, it’s been a bit quiet but yes we’re back open again, thankfully,” said a spokesperson for Michael’s.

But it’s been a gradual process.

The BP service station at the top of the town in Korumburra got up and going again at 11am while down at Fish Creek Roo Fuel wasn’t open again until mid-afternoon.

“One of the main problems for business has been that while they’ve had to wait for the power to come back on, the whole EFTPOS system was down, still down at a lot of places,” said John Schelling of Evans Petroleum.

“We were able to stay open at Westside (Leongatha) but a lot weren’t.”

There’s still hundreds of homes and some business premises across South Gippsland and Bass Coast without power including the following: Jeetho 27, Bena 99, Moyarra 39, Glen Alvie 13, Korumburra South 36, Kongwak 36, Leongatha South 279, Krowera 55, Kardella South 7, Koonwarra 20, Kernot 9, Outtrim 111, Korumburra 41, Ruby 2, Jumbunna 82 Inverloch 60, Pound Creek 36 and Leongatha 10.

The length of time without power, especially in rural areas, was well and truly wearing thin, with many questioning the durability of the power infrastructure, after experiencing a similar situation during the June 9 storm a few months ago.

Ausnet is quoting service return as late as 11.59pm tomorrow night, Sunday, October 31.

The event has certainly put the damper on ‘freedom’ weekend across the region.