I was interested to read the answers provided by the Strzelecki Ward candidates to the five questions asked by the Sentinel-Times, September 28.

I note that one of Frank Hirst’s ‘top 5 issues’ will be revisiting the administrators’ decision on the location of the Korumburra Community Hub.

I also saw with interest that Don Hill, a Tarwin Valley candidate also has a review for the Korumburra Hub location on his three-month to do list if elected.

Considering the Hub has been through an extensive public consultation process, an extensive planning process, the contract has been awarded and the contractors are on site, not to mention that it fits well with the 2013 Korumburra Town Centre Framework Plan and the main stakeholders have been involved in the planning and decisions, this can only be considered as an absolute waste of ratepayers’ money.

It’s time to look forward not look back. We have some great candidates with some fabulous skills and expertise, who have put their hands up to represent us.

Let’s have a fresh start and get on with it.

Noelene Cosson, Korumburra