In your recent edition of Letters to the Editor, I was shocked to see so many contributors banging on about ensuring councillors standing for election declaring a “climate emergency”.

Have people lost their sense of reality in Gippsland? I’m certainly not a climate change denier (having witnessed firsthand whilst hiking in Greenland glaciers melting rapidly), but what I’m gobsmacked about is how ultra-naive people seem to be.

What has a perceived climate emergency got to do with my rates ensuring local services are provided at a realistic price?

Why are people so easily fooled into following the high priestesses who are unknown, and the science consistently being challenged?

The Earth’s climate has been measured (not too accurately either) only over the last century and half out of millions of centuries?

Do we really have proof of some sort of emergency? If so, why aren’t the greens proposing people stop procreating? Sir David Attenborough in an article in the Independent (U.K) is quoted as stating “humans are a plague on earth”.

Try getting one of the greens candidates to say that aloud.

Now, to humans, China has approximately 1,500,000,000. India approximately 1,400,000,000 and the U.S 333,000,000. Earth’s population is just about to reach 8,000,000,000.

In 1804 it was 1,000,000,000. Australia’ population by comparison is a tiny 26,000,000. Note the zeros!

In South Gippsland the population is approximately 30,000.

China intends continuing building coal fired power stations for several decades ahead. Can people please stop to think where the reality ends and the star gazing on this issue starts?

If you want a councillor to address why the Chinese, Indians and U.S are creating carbon hundreds of thousands of times more than South Gippsland, then please bypass local council and try for Federal Parliament.

Meantime I’ll be voting for councillors who prioritise roads, rates, rubbish and environment (not an exploding population) followed after by reducing our debt. Core function services please and stop star or navel gazing.

Tony Griggs, Hallston