South Gippsland needs a plan or framework for reconciliation, to drive towards reconciliation through internal council channels and build community awareness.

I’m reaching out to everyone looking for support for recognition and strategic partnerships with the Aboriginal people of this region – the Boonwurrung and Gunnaikurnai people. I’m asking for greater understanding of cultural diversity and for an opening up of all sorts of opportunities that have been closed for too long.

Job ads could be written in a simple way so that culturally diverse people who aren’t very able to understand complex writing, but can do great work, can get more of the jobs that are around. Traineeships could be provided so culturally diverse young people can work in council and gain experience that will see them get on in life. Partnerships between parks and gardens projects and Aboriginal people to help heal country could be done.

Bass Coast has an Aboriginal Development Officer who helps culturally diverse people with these things and much more. South Gippsland Shire Council could do with one too.

Kane Horvath, Foster.