with Jim’s Bait and Tackle

FIRSTLY, this week several thank-yous.

Over the last two months or so, it’s been our local customers that have allowed our business to remain open and now finally a little relief for them with the opening of the metro border this Friday night and the expected influx of those from the metro areas, many of who we haven’t seen for quite some time.

We still hope to see plenty of our local customers, but we know many have simply been purchasing things to show support which we are very grateful for.

We have many loyal metro customers also that have been very good to us over this period, getting involved in our auctions and specials which they will now finally be able to pick up.

Those who have been involved in our Melbourne Cup sweep before will know that it’s a bit of fun; it’s simple to enter and, to say thanks, we will have some very special prizes on offer, keep an eye on our Facebook page towards the end of the week. For those not on Facebook, drop into the store over the weekend for other ways to enter.

Secondly, thank-you to all the feedback about last week’s report, surprisingly all the feedback was positive with many customers dropping in just to let us know they appreciated the article.

Don’t forget if there was something you would like to see in the reports, just let us know. We would like to include more land-based reports or even some underwater reports from those diving and snorkelling but to do this, short of just making it up, we need the reports to be sent in.

Don’t forget to send in your photos to our social media and keep an eye out for the various competitions we will be having over the season.

Lastly, during the week we were running a competition for some of our shop merchandise and unfortunately one of these groups or people that have nothing better to do decided to do a little hacking and falsely duplicate our page, very poorly, and send our all sorts of requests for information from those who follow us.

Unfortunately, when this happens it takes time to fix the problem and despite these people copying our page and acting like they were us, Facebook didn’t see a problem with it – saying they weren’t breaking any rules.

Mel didn’t take this as a suitable answer and spent two days contacting various people to have it removed, which eventually it was.

Thank you to all who contacted us about the messages they were receiving, all 200-plus people phoning or messaging the shop to let us know. We will never contact our followers asking for personal information unless it is in direct relation to something you have contacted us about and this is normally done via phone, anyway.

For our competition winners, auction winners or shop purchases, we will always contact and ask that you phone us or private message us – it will never be as an open Facebook post.

This was totally out of our hands and Mel was trying to do everything to stop it, so apologies to those who handed over information. If you are unsure, please phone us, we have been very careful in the way we communicate via our socials, and it is disappointing when these things happen.

Just remember if it sounds suspect it probably is – contact us by phone or text to confirm.

Fishing reports are getting better and better. With so many changes over the last 15 years, it surprises us sometimes when we go back through our diaries.

Tuna catches are hardly a surprise now and almost expected; 20lb snapper caught in August are the same with the only reason we don’t get them is the weather.

2kg calamari are almost hardly worth talking about and we will need to set a new wow size for whiting with the old 1kg mark not so wow anymore.

Having said the above, I would be very happy, as would 90 per cent of my customers, to get out fishing and catch any of the above at half those sizes.

The quality of fish in the bay and offshore now has been a steady increase over the years. I know this will be and can be argued forever and the counter argument will be the numbers aren’t the same as they used to be, but we look at it slightly differently, taking the quality of the fish into account and based on that, there is nothing wrong with what’s around at the moment.

Snapper reports continued along the path expected and I would suggest this upcoming Cup weekend we will see the start of them smashing anything put in the water and right across the corals.

The reports this week came from the deep off Rhyll and from the top end, Tenby Point and above but a couple from the corals and signs they are getting ready to go into their spawning.

The water temperature is getting close to being consistent across the bay which is also happening.

There were several reports of pinkies as well from undersized to good pan size and even another handful from the jetties at Cowes and Newhaven.

Whiting saw a mixed bag this week but more numbers with customers telling us even the 27cm were very healthy and almost round while a single fish over the 40cm mark made for a good feed.

The areas were a bit mixed up and you did need to do a bit of searching to find them or to find a bag of them.

Some from Dickies Bay, Cleeland Bight but also good numbers from Boy’s Home channel, Tortoise Head, Maggi Shoal, Ventnor and Corinella.

Cocktail of baits but by far the most successful were calamari, pilchard, mussel.

Calamari numbers were excellent one day, then non-existent the next couple – both land and boats.

Reports came from the usual spots and several this week from off the corals area, so it pays to just drop a jig over no matter where you are in the bay.

We have an old broken rod and cheap reel we put a paternoster rig with a couple of jigs on, a very heavy sinker and drop it out the side of the boat out the way, a couple of winds off the bottom and just leave it, it cost you very little to have it out and you just don’t know what you might find, we weighed a 1.7kg one from the corals from customers chasing snapper.

We will be opening early all Cup weekend for all your bait and tackle needs and have plenty of lures in stock if you are heading out looking for the tuna that are around offshore, no school fish yet – just barrels – so make sure your gear is up to scratch as they will give it a try-out. Don’t forget our Cup sweep and up-to-date fishing reports on Facebook over the weekend.

Most importantly, please remember we are able to keep our doors open but there are rules in place, check-in, masks and density limits that we didn’t put there but must follow to ensure we keep the doors open.

Fishing competition kicks off this weekend

THE Corinella Boating & Angling Club has announced the details around its annual snapper competition.

The competition will run from October 29 until November 7 and is open for club members and guests outside the club, with a $10 entry fee for non-members payable through the club’s website.

Club president, Murry Wannan, encourages members to bring a friend along to enjoy the competition and go in the draw to win awesome prizes.

Prizes are valued at $1000, including a Stormy lifejacket, Tonic Eyewear, Lone Star anchor and bowsprit, and heaps more.

Mr Wannan said competitors could enter their fish via photograph if they can’t get back to the clubrooms to present, although there are strict rules around this.

“We ask that they take a photo of the fish on a scale with the weight clearly visible. We have really honest members but want to be strict with this competition,” he said.

There will also be an award for the junior under 16s category.

The presentation and barbecue will be held on Sunday, November 7 at 12pm at the rotunda behind the caravan park at the end of Smythe Street – the gathering will be COVID compliant and have a QR check-in code.

The club is hoping COVID restrictions will allow a large gathering, and they encourage all members to come along even if they aren’t competing.

Competition rules and regulations are available at corinellafishingclub.com.