BASS Coast Shire Council has announced it will introduce Smart Parking, which can be used to aid enforcement, to areas of Cowes and Wonthaggi early next year.
The project will involve the installation of 723 parking bay sensors and be supported by a Smart Parking availability app.
The sensors are proposed at:
* 375 on-street bays in Cowes, on Thompson Avenue, Chapel Street and The Esplanade;
* 123 off-street bays at the Cowes Transit Centre Carpark; and
* 225 on-street bays in Wonthaggi, on Graham Street and McBride Avenue.
Council stated the project implementation will support the current parking restrictions, and no enforcement action can be taken against drivers who adhere to the restrictions.
The sensor technology will let council know exactly how long a car has been parked in a parking bay.
Data from the smart parking sensors will also be utilised when considering any future traffic and parking management requirements.
Installation will start in February/March 2022, with the service launched mid-2022.
Indicative dates for the project over 2021/22 include:
October 2021 – Tender released to market.
December 2021 – Evaluation of tender and vendor appointed.
February/March 2022 – installation of sensors in parking bays, technology equipment and signs on poles, painting of sensor numbers in parking bays.
March/April 2022 – operational testing of sensors, LED signs and guidance app.
Mid 2022 – ‘go live’ with Smart Parking guidance and LED signs for drivers and monitoring parking usage.
In Cowes, Smart Parking will focus on guiding drivers to available parking by LED signs and to pre-plan their parking with the availability app.
Variable Message Signs (VMS – digital signage) will be installed in Cowes, to display real-time parking availability at the key entry points.
Smart Parking in Wonthaggi will also collect parking usage data to help improve the parking service and make parking more efficient.

Smart Parking is not paid parking.