I refer to the article, ‘Frank’s unorthodox pitch to voters’ (Sentinel-Times, September 28).

Frank has offered to donate his entire councillor’s allowance, less legitimate expenses, for the full four-year term if elected to council in the upcoming elections, following two years of local government administration.

He served 10 weeks on the sacked 2019 council after a recount of votes to replace a councillor who resigned.

I believe he is a man of integrity who is well qualified to be re-elected to council despite the calling of former ex-councillors such as Jim Fawcett and Nigel Hutchinson-Brooks for voters not to elect sacked councillors.

South Gippsland is predominantly a farming area with many of its towns not able to exist without the employment and monetary support of the farming industry.

He is well qualified to be a South Gippsland councillor with qualifications in agricultural science and a farm forestry background.

In his response to five questions put forward to those running for council, there are two which stand out for me:

1. “A shire run by your elected councillors, not the executive” with further comment that the “Yes Minister” approach to be avoided by re-electing some experienced former councillors.

2. “Real reduction in rates without reducing services and without resorting to high population growth.”

I believe that strong farming areas and its rural towns develop gradually over time and should have a self-sustaining economy without the manipulation of population growth and over governing from large costly council administration.

I urge Frank Hirst to only donate a maximum of 25 per cent of his councillor’s allowance if elected and let the other elected councillors support this very honourable offer, however, I doubt it!

Barry Gilbert, Walkerville.