We seem to have entered a world akin to Alice’s Wonderland. In the October 11 iteration of the South Gippsland Voices, it appears Don and Barbara Hill are slinging mud by the handful. Not content with using the paper to simply raise Mr Hill’s profile, Mrs Hill, as recently appointed editor, has now made it clear they’re out to attack anybody who stands in his way.

It’s a topsy-turvy time we live in when Mrs Hill claims that five of the oldest candidates in the current local council election are ‘Progressive Independents’. It’s a topsy-turvy time when Mrs Hill calls the three youngest nominees the ‘Old Guard’ and suggests that these passionate, younger individuals are somehow less able to represent community views.

It’s a topsy-turvy time when the only people Mrs Hill ostracises are bright, community-minded female candidates. And it sounds like business-as-usual when the only candidates Mrs Hill ranks as acceptable are her husband and those who preference him as 2 or 3 on their how-to-vote cards.

By way of colourful but ill-researched tables, Mrs Hill suggests that her husband and those in the ‘gang of four’ are more suited to the role of councillor than some of our Shire’s most prominent female candidates, including Jenni Keerie, Mohya Davies, and Clare Williams.

At best, it’s disgustingly, lazy journalism. At worst, it’s defamation. This election, hold your candidates and their affiliates to a higher standard of respect. I am. And I’m calling it out.

Adrian Darakai, Leongatha, Candidate for Tarwin Valley Ward.