WONTHAGGI Secondary College McKenzie Campus students embraced the sunny weather today (Wednesday, October 27) after undertaking their first written VCE exam.
The year 12 students joined more than 40,000 of their peers across the state to sit their English exams on Wednesday, which finished around early noon.
As students Anna-Mae and Summer burst through the doors following the exam, they spoke to the Sentinel-Times about how they went and the challenges they’ve had to overcome.
“It wasn’t too bad. There were a few sections I wasn’t too sure about, but it was better than I expected,” Anna-Mae said.
“It (preparing) has been a bit chaotic. I found it was difficult because we did a lot of the learning at home and revision.”
Summer added she believed most students had been quite stressed in preparing for the exam because of the challenges of remote learning.
However, they were looking forward to the rest of the week, as they could finally celebrate with friends while also preparing for their upcoming exams.
And when asked what their plans for next year were, they’ve decided to take up jobs and put the books down for a while.
“I think a lot of people are considering gap years now. I never would have considered it, but I really need a break,” Summer said.
The state government also announced the Consideration of Educational Disadvantage process would run as it did in 2020, helping ensure “the only thing that counts towards students’ scores is their effort and hard work”.
A total of 83,997 students will sit at least one examination – written, performance or oral – by the time exams finish on November 17.