There has been much criticism of the Bass Coast Shire Council over the years in “letters to the Editor” which is why I felt I must write this letter of appreciation.

I am the President of the Friends of Thompson Ave Golden Cypresses, as a committee we have had major concerns regarding the health and safety of these trees given the trucks seem to be getting bigger day by day.

It is also a tight fit accommodating the outside dining [as much as I love that], the pedestrians and the trees, particularly when the trees are small.

I recently spoke to council about grave concerns regarding the poor state of the last tree going down Thompson on the left.

I appreciate the fact that the leader of the Arboriculture Team kept me informed on all the procedures they were taking to help the tree live – sadly to no avail.

I was then contacted to inform me that they were going to replace the dead tree and asked if I would like to be present.

I was amazed at the amount of care, concern and detailed knowledge that was shown, I realised that they too were very aware of the significance of these iconic trees.

I wish to thank the council and in particular the team on behalf of the Committee, for all their hard work and dedication to keeping the Cypresses alive.

We will be keeping an eye on the health and safety of this beautiful new tree.

Thank you, Bass Coast Shire.

Pauline Taylor, president of the Friends of the Golden Cypress Inc.