ON FRIDAY, Her Excellency the Honourable Linda Dessau AC, Governor of Victoria, conducted a virtual regional visit to the Bass Coast Shire.

The Governor met with Bass Coast Shire Mayor Cr Brett Tessari, and James Stirton, general manager of place making, who provided background information about the shire, one of Victoria’s fastest growing municipalities, before the Governor had the opportunity to meet representatives of local businesses and community organisations.

During the visit, the Governor met with Grego Montalban Sanchez and Hanna Lofgren from The Invy Baker, a bakery in Inverloch specialising in baking sourdough bread and traditional Swedish buns.

The Governor enjoyed hearing about Grego and Hanna’s journey to Inverloch, from Granada, via Sweden, the products they produce, and their passion for baking.

The Governor’s tour of the Bass Coast Shire concluded with conversations with Bassine Specialty Cheeses, a cheese-making factory which uses milk sourced directly from the farm’s own cows to produce a wide range of award-winning cheeses.

During the call, the Governor met cheesemaker Kaye Courtney, and her husband Glen Bisognin, who manages the family dairy farm and milks the herd of 180 Holstein cows.

“I have enjoyed the opportunity to once again visit the Bass Coast Shire,” the Governor said.

“Today’s virtual visit was a further opportunity to experience the vibrancy and innovation of the region’s local economy and the diversity of businesses and community organisations in this thriving part of Victoria.

“I was particularly grateful that the Mayor and other community members facilitated my visit despite the challenges of the overnight severe weather event.”