What’s happening with the $25 million for Bass Coast from the Big Housing Build? Who is managing the project?

It’s impossible to find any information about this project other than news reports about the November 2020 announcement, and a press release calling for proposals that closed on October 7.

I’ve contacted Homes Victoria and Jordan Crugnale’s office – that’s how I know about the press release.

Meanwhile, in the Bass Coast, there are 693 priority applications for social housing. And an existing 381 social housing dwellings, presumably all full. These figures are from

March this year, and I found them buried in a consultant’s report for the Bass Coast Council dated July 2021.

The demand for housing has only increased as owners evict tenants and rush to sell their properties in this crazy property market.

I am one of those 693 applications waiting for social housing. I receive a pension and live below the poverty line. I rent, and my landlord wants vacant possession so he can sell.

Today is October 20; I’m supposed to have vacated my rental property by today, I can’t find a new rental, and so far [an agency] can’t find me anywhere to live.

I’m now homeless and I am not alone. Agents tell me they can receive over 50 applications for each property.

Rents have increased very sharply in the past year: a four-bedroom property in my town was listed at $370 in July 2020, and listed at $470 just 11 months later in July 2021. If listed today, the property would probably be $520 or more.

Renters are being evicted, there is no social housing available, they can’t afford current rental prices, and they have a one in 50 chance of getting approved for a rental. We are in a homelessness epidemic.I wonder how many houses Bass Coast can get for that $25 million? I wonder how long people have to remain homeless before they can move into them?

Anyone have any idea?

No? Didn’t think so.

Name and address supplied.