I read with interest some of the comments from other candidates on the use of how to vote cards, comments such as the Gang of Four have joined together to ensure women will struggle to get elected because of the cards.

What a load of rubbish; the how to vote cards are not telling you how to vote – it is a suggestion only. You are not obliged to follow the suggested sequence; it is purely your choice in which way you want to vote.

On my own flyer, I am asking you to put me as your number one choice, where you go from there is up to you; anyone who insults the intelligence of the electorate by thinking they can be led in that way needs to think again.

I believe we need a good representation of both male and female councillors that will bring a variety of skills to the shire. I have been attending blog discussions, Zoom meetings on the environment and we had the forum.

After listening to what participants had to say, I was encouraged on the overall skills throughout the three wards – the passion from some particularly on the environment ensured me that the future is in good hands.

Once again, it is up to you to vote for the people you want to represent you in the South Gippsland Shire Council.

Leslie Harmer, candidate for Tarwin Valley Ward, Mirboo North.