We would like to correct a few misconceptions found in the letter from Otto Ippel in the Sentinel Times (28/9).

Firstly, Just Transition South Gippsland isn’t fielding any candidates in the South Gippsland council elections.

We are, however, campaigning for the future council to support a Just Transition for South Gippsland in any way they can.

Whether or not the elected council gets on board is up to them, and you can find out everything we have been up to, including the notes from every meeting we have held, on our website and/or Facebook page.

Otto is right to point out that South Gippsland is home to hard-working, high risk-taking land managers.

We see as central to a Just Transition the region’s food and farming sector, which has the chance to develop, even further, into leaders in the transition to a low-carbon economy. It is worth noting that some of our region’s most successful and highly regarded farmers are members and supporters of JTSG.

Rather than let big business from overseas determine how the transition plays out in South Gippsland, we see it as imperative that the community itself comes together to work towards a transition.

Far from weed-infested landscapes, we envision a South Gippsland that has moved away from carbon-emitting forms of economic activity, led primarily by the region’s farmers, a move that is already underway.

Tony Walker for JTSG, Fish Creek.