Here’s an update on the petition for a weekend bus service from Cape Paterson to Wonthaggi and an extension of the service to The Cape eco-village.

I had assistance preparing the petition from Councillor Leticia Laing, for which I am very grateful, and also to the many supporters who collected signatures.

We had over 400 people sign the petition. It was presented to the state government by Jordan Crugnale MP in May 2021.

On 26/8/2021, The Honourable Ben Carroll, Minister for Public Transport, replied with the usual letter, saying he would refer the letter to the Department of Transport (DOT).

I received a letter from DOT saying they would forward the letter to The Honourable Ben Carroll, Minister for Public Transport.

So, where to from here?

DOT looks at the amount of use the bus service is getting. So, we need to use the bus more often, leave the car at home. The benefits are less pollution, less parking; the real cost of driving a car both ways is $16, whilst the bus is $4 both ways.

Because we are asking for a bus at the weekends, it’s a different clientele that would use the bus; more teenagers and children would use the bus on the weekends, and whilst a lot of older members of the community no longer drive, they would be grateful for a bus service too.

To help with this project, I am asking you to leave the car at home and use the bus to go shopping.

One suggestion is for Wonthaggi walkers to catch a bus to Cape Paterson, walk around the cliff top or beach, then stop at the Tavern or Cape Café for a coffee and cake.

If you have any ideas that may help, please email me:

If you would like to email The Honourable Ben Carroll, Minister for Public Transport, email, or DOT, then go to, stating your support for the bus service.

You could send the same email to both parties. Remember, the pen is mightier than the sword. Thank you in anticipation.

Robert Hayward, Cape Paterson.