CAPE Paterson resident Frank Flynn has always dreamt of going on Channel 9’s Millionaire Hot Seat, and his dream finally came true after his wife suggested he apply.

After watching Millionaire’s Hot Seat for 10 years with his wife, Frank was featured on episode 112, airing on September 27.

“I’ve wanted to go on the show forever but had to wait until I retired. I applied a couple of years ago and nothing came of it. So, I applied again in January and then I was notified a couple of weeks later that [the producers] wanted me to do a Zoom audition,” Frank said.

“The show got put off a couple of times because of lockdowns, but it was eventually recorded in July and aired recently,” he said.

Frank won Fastest Fingers, scoring $1000, lasting about four questions after that.

“As I walked away, I thought, a lot of people actually leave the show without winning anything. So, when I got back in the car, I was quite happy,” he said.

“When you’re sitting at home and you’re watching the show on TV, everyone’s an expert. But when you’re actually in the studio under the lights, with time constraints and opposite Eddie, it’s actually quite daunting.”

Although the show was filmed in July, Frank didn’t tell anyone, including his family, that he had won $1000, making them wait until the episode aired on TV.

Frank encourages anyone to apply to be on Millionaire’s Hot Seat and said it’s a great experience and Eddie McGuire is an expert at making people feel at ease.