REGIONAL Roads Victoria (RRV) is investigating potential upgrades along the Bass Highway in Kilcunda, as part of the Bass Highway Corridor Planning Project.

According to RRV, within the next 20 years, the average daily traffic volume on the Bass Highway between Anderson and Inverloch is expected to exceed 19,000, and congestion will become a critical issue along the highway.

Improvements from west of Kilcunda Ridge Road to Ridgeway Road were identified as a priority by the community during an extensive engagement process undertaken in late 2017 and early 2018, to identify road improvement opportunities along the Bass Highway between Anderson and Leongatha.

Key issues identified include:

• A lack of crossing opportunities along the Bass Highway, increasing the safety risk for vulnerable road users.

• The service lane and associated parking facilities present a hazard to highway traffic.

Based on this feedback and investigations, RRV presented a preliminary concept design to the community in July 2019.

After receiving further community feedback, RRV made changes to the concept design, increasing the number of car parks available.


The proposed upgrades include:

• Pedestrian-operated traffic lights opposite Kilcunda General Store to improve pedestrian safety and access to and from the Bass Coast Rail Trail and main retail area in Kilcunda.

• Increased car parking from 29 informal car parks to 39 formalised car parks.

• Dedicated right-turn lane into Kilcunda Ridge Road, Peppermint Road, Carew Street and Service Road to improve safety and access for road users.

• Dedicated left and right-turn lanes into the caravan park/holiday retreat entrance to improve safety and access for tourists.

• Improved Service Road arrangement.

• Upgraded intersection at Carew Street, which provides direct and safe access to Bass Highway.

• New concrete footpath connecting the proposed pedestrian-operated traffic signals facility with the Bass Coast Rail Trail.

• Pedestrian refuge on Bass Highway at Bass Coast Rail Trail crossing point.

• New bus stop facilities on the south side of Bass Highway.

• New streetlighting to improve pedestrian safety and visibility for both pedestrians and road users.

• New pedestrian fencing near the new pedestrian operated traffic signals and bus stop.

• Painted median/separation of opposing traffic from west of Kilcunda Ridge Road to west of Ridgeway Road, to reduce the risk of crashes.

Other potential improvements RRV is investigating along the Bass Highway as part of the project include:

• Safety upgrades to the Leongatha South-Outtrim Road and Rougheads Road intersection in Leongatha South.

• The introduction of an overtaking lane between Dalyston and Kilcunda.

• The upgrade of the Glen Forbes Road and Walker Street intersection in Dalyston.