GREG Hunt, the former Federal Member for Phillip Island and the Westernport area, still takes an interest in the welfare of this area and hopefully, still reads the Sentinel-Times.

So, Mr Hunt, if you are reading and listening, we think it’s high time you announced your COVID-19 vaccine booster strategy.

As detailed by award-winning ABC medico Dr Norman Swan this week, and many others, the potency of the vaccines wanes each month and early vaxxers, especially those in aged care, who got their jabs in March and April, are now being exposed to the virus.

“Increasingly we are going to see people in residential aged care, our health workers and others who received their vaccine early entering the health system with the virus,” Dr Swann said this week.

“Expect to see a spike in aged care and health care admissions (and deaths) unless we see the booster program rolled out soon.”

So, what are we waiting for?

We’ve allegedly got plenty of vaccine, so much so that the makers of AstraZeneca are considering discontinuing production in Australia.

So, Mr Minister, what is the plan for rolling out the booster shots? There’s already evidence that more double-vaccinated people are entering hospital, if not ICU, as coverage reduces with numbers creeping up above 10%.

We know the government hasn’t exactly got everything right with the vaccine rollout, not helped by the likes of Queensland Chief Health Officer Dr Jeanette Young who criticised and then backed AZ jabs, but they need to get ahead of the curve on the booster program.

When can we roll up our sleeves for a booster, and what is the plan for rolling out booster shots into aged care … only this time, please offer it to the aged-care workers as well.