The last time the South Gippsland Shire Council reviewed the operations of Coal Creek was 2013 – that is eight years ago.

Over that time, it has probably cost the community around $4 million.

It is time for the community to be assisted to come on board and plan for a “new vision” for Coal Creek so that is a self-sustaining facility and not a continual drain on the budget.

I have presented a substantial document to both council and the Korumburra Round Table on a possible “new vision” for Coal Creek. This presentation was to generate some community discussion.

My ideas may mean that council needs to fund some capital expenditure, but as you can see, even if we do nothing, Coal Creek is a substantial drain on the budget.

If we can forward spend those funds to create a facility which is self-sustaining, then in the longer term, the shire will be better off.

We need the council to adopt a new model to involve the community in decisions on important assets such as this.

I want to see Coal Creek as a major tourist destination which offers a range of activities so that it will cater for more people more often. At present, it only offers a passive experience for visitors.

That could be changed in numerous ways.

It could also be a facility to help educate the community on new ideas. It needs the council to start applying the slogan – “Nothing for us without us”.

I have nominated for council as I believe there is a pressing need to change the culture of the administration so that we get a council that serves the people. Contact me if you want a copy of the New Vision for Coal Creek.

Lindsay Love, Leongatha.