Concern about police resources in Korumburra

It might be a minor issue in the scheme of things, but it’s still an incident of unreported property damage that deserves a response from the authorities.

WELL-known manager of Friends of Hillside Lodge Op Shop in Korumburra, Anne Millar, got quite a shock when she arrived at work in the morning.

Someone had lost control (again) and smashed their car through the garden bed and into one of the verandah posts outside the opp shop.

It was a mess and it’s something Ms Millar thought the police should know about.

No dice.

She sent the following message to the Sentinel-Times in an effort to get action:

“Not happy. I arrived at the Hillside Op Shop, at 39-40 Commercial Street, Korumburra at 9.15am this morning to find this scene out the front of our op shop,” Ms Millar said, supplying the attached hotos.

“I rang police to see if they were aware of the incident and to let them know that there was glass and garden bed all over footpath.

“I was told that local police don’t start in Korumburra until 3.30pm.”

Ms Millar said the officer she spoke to on the phone was helpful, that he said he would check and see if it was reported already and get back to her.

“I told him I would have to ring the shire to clean it up as there was glass and half the garden bed on the footpath.

“I was concerned someone would fall so I rang the shire to explain the problem and they said they would contact the road crew and get it seen to.

“I have rung twice since the last time to find out if I was responsible if someone slipped over.

“The girl on reception assured me that I have followed the correct procedures and it’s now up to the shire.

“I am so disappointed with the response, four hours and still nothing done.

“Is this the normal response to problems in Korumburra? If so, it’s not good enough,” Ms Millar said.

Anne Millar isn’t the only Korumburra and district local to express concern about the availability of police and response times in what is a quickly growing area.

Granted the police have been especially hard pressed in recent times chasing COVID-related issues but with the incidence of ‘Family Incidents’ up in South Gippsland by 30.4% this year, including a rise in the number of court order breaches in the Korumburra area, up from 93-144, more property damage (admittedly low total) 22 incidents to 32 incidents and the grand total of offences up from 405 last year to 424 this year (Crime Stats Agency data to June 30, 2021), it’s time the police hierarchy reviewed its policing strategy in the Korumburra area.

Over to you Chief Commissioner of Victoria Police, Shane Patton.

What do you think about police resources, response times and availability in Korumburra?