By Sam Watson

POOWONG Loch has found their senior cricket coach for the 2021/22 season.

Outtrim Moyarra Kongwak legend Peter Miller will step into the role, bringing a wealth of experience with him.

Miller is almost as experienced as they come in South Gippsland, playing in multiple premierships for the Diggers, where he has always been a significant contributor.

President Alex Dixon was extremely happy with the appointment of Miller ahead of their season in B2.

“Peter comes with an excellent background in leadership; He’s a quality cricketer who’s in the mix to play for Victoria 1 in over 60s cricket,” Dixon said.

Despite Miller’s proven ability to win premierships, Dixon said that won’t be his key focus this season.

“Peter’s goal at Poowong is not so much about winning premierships – it’s strengthening club culture and promoting the game and country cricket in general.

“He likes what’s happening at Poowong-Loch and he will be heavily involved at committee level also.”

It’s a good fit for Miller, who lives in Poowong, and he’ll be playing as many games as his body and other cricket commitments allow in the upcoming season.

His first test will be their round one clash with Foster, where they’ll be eager to start the season well.