Finally, the movers and shakers of the previous sacked council have revealed themselves as candidates for this election.

Former sacked councillors, Hill and McEwen, are putting themselves forward as the only experienced candidates capable of leading any new council to their so-called new direction.

It was these same people who, in the early days of the infamous 2016 elected council, promised their strong and experienced leadership would result in great outcomes. The result of their leadership during that time was a sacked and disgraced council.

It is intriguing that they are promoting this same line for the 2021 council election with candidate Hill in his election statement stating that he believed new inexperienced councillors would have no idea how or what to do. Their desire to teach new councillors is both patronising and laughable given their previous history and the dismissal of the last council.

They are so determined to gain election they will employ the same tactic from the 2016 election of organising a string of supporting candidates who will provide a strict preference flow in their favour.

Voters will easily identify these ‘mate’ candidates once preference choices are made public. Look for an orchestrated number 2 and 3 preference flow to them.

This manipulation of the voting system is easily avoided by simply putting Hill and McEwen and these two or three ‘mate’ candidates last when you vote.

Melanie Ryan, Leongatha.