BOB Newton, community historian and former Korumburra and South Gippsland Councillor, is set to release his book about the history of Woorayl Shire Street names.

Woorayl Shire, now known as South Gippsland Shire, has so much rich history behind the street names.

Contributing to the preservation of the history of Gippsland, Bob has attracted the help of historical societies across the region.

“It’s fantastic, I’m getting some great help. Everyone is trying to help me out. It’s difficult, but I’m getting some great information,” Bob said.

“I’m really looking forward to getting it out because if you read some of the stories I’ve got, it’s just absolutely fantastic.”

The book name is undecided but is likely to be Leongatha & District Road Names and Places History.

If you would like to help Bob, reach out to him at if you have information on any of the following streets:

• Bells Court, Inverloch

• Clinton Court, Leongatha

• Dowds Road, Tarwin

• Marion Court, Inverloch

• Marion Court, Leongatha

• Mandy Court, Inverloch

• McIntosh Street, Inverloch

• Munro Court, Inverloch

• Pymble Avenue, Inverloch

• Reilly Street, Inverloch

• Royal Place, Leongatha

• Sapphire Court, Leongatha

• Tamarama Close, Tarwin Lower

• Walsh Court, Leongatha

• Walter Street, Buffalo