OF THE record 2297 cases of COVID-19 notified in Victoria on Thursday, October 14, there were 170 new cases in regional Victoria.

This included two (2) new cases in South Gippsland and one (1) in Bass Coast.

This brings to 12 as the number of active cases in South Gippsland and nine (9) in Bass Coast.

The new cases are spread across regional Victoria as follows:

  • 5 cases in Ballarat
  • 1 case in Bass Coast
  • 17 cases in Baw Baw
  • 1 case in Benalla
  • 1 case in East Gippsland
  • 1 case in Golden Plains
  • 9 cases in Greater Bendigo
  • 32 cases in Greater Geelong
  • 30 cases in Greater Shepparton
  • 17 cases in Latrobe
  • 1 case in Macedon Ranges
  • 23 cases in Mildura
  • 9 cases in Mitchell
  • 1 case in Moira
  • 3 cases in Moorabool
  • 1 case in Mount Alexander
  • 1 case in Moyne
  • 3 cases in Murrindindi
  • 2 cases in South Gippsland
  • 1 case in Surf Coast
  • 4 cases in Swan Hill
  • 2 cases in Wangaratta
  • 1 case in Warrnambool
  • 3 cases in Wellington
  • 1 case in West Wimmera

Within yesterday’s cases, there are 1245 newly impacted households which previously did not have COVID19 present.

Deputy CHO Ben Cowie said on Thursday that believed this situation would result in a spike in cases connected with these new households.

Overall, 63 per cent of all of yesterday’s cases were aged under 40 years and 46 per cent were aged under 30 years.

Daily update

Victoria was notified of 2,297 new cases of COVID-19 yesterday. All were locally acquired cases. This is the highest daily number of cases recorded in Victoria since the pandemic began.

There are 20,505 active cases in Victoria. There are 706 COVID-19 cases in hospital in Victoria, 147 of those cases are in intensive care, with 100 cases on a ventilator.

Of the people in hospital yesterday, 90 per cent were not fully vaccinated Sadly, the Department was notified of 11 deaths yesterday including one from Shepparton, a man in his 70s.

This brings the total number of deaths in Victoria since the pandemic began to 945. The total number of confirmed cases in Victoria since the beginning of the pandemic is 59,710.

A total of 87.6 per cent of Victorians aged 16 and over have now had at least one dose of a COVID-19 vaccine and 62 per cent have had two doses. This excludes most recent Commonwealth data.

Bass Coast is +95% single vaccinated and has tipped over the 70% fully vaccinated. South Gippsland is 91.8% single dose and 66.2% double dose.

Across Australia the vaccination rate is 83.6% single does and 65.4% fully vaccinated.

Exposure site change explained

Not all Tier 1 exposure sites will be publicly listed. Why?

The Gippsland Region Public Health Unit explains:

Tier 1 exposure sites may not be listed if all contacts are tracked down – if everyone there was identified and contacted quickly.

In any situation when we are confident that we’ve reached everyone through our partners, then we won’t need to publish it. Listing dozens of exposure sites with very low risk of transmission can cause confusion, panic and unnecessary alarm.

We are focussing the public’s attention on those where we believe there’s a true risk. Tier 1 sites of concern, where not everyone has been accounted for quickly, will be listed.

This is a form of public health announcement where the community is asked to act – isolate, get tested, follow advice from the Department of Health. As COVID-19 is becoming more entrenched in the community, we understand it may become more common to see people finding out information from their employers, their friends or families and for themselves to share this information on various social platforms. We acknowledge the proactive approach of some businesses who have had a positive case attend their site to make their community aware as a precautionary measure.

This is exactly what it is, it provides an awareness that the community needs to remain vigilant – monitor for symptoms and continue practicing COVIDSafe behaviours more diligently. This is not an automatic direction to get tested and isolate. People who are identified as a Primary Close Contact linked to a potential exposure site will be contacted by the Department of Health and given the necessary advice and information. Of course, testing is also recommended for those experiencing any COVID-19 symptoms, however minor.