THE South Gippsland Veterans Cricket Club continues to expand in providing the opportunity for Veteran Cricketers to continue playing despite their age.

This year the club will continue with two Over 50s teams, one over 60s team and this year will combine with Koo Wee Rup and Iona Veterans Clubs to play in the newly formed statewide over 70s competition.

Who would have thought there would have been the opportunity of playing cricket past the age of 70?

The photo above shows the current South Gippsland players who will take part in the new over 70s competition.

The players include, Norm Fraser, 73, who has played with Stawell, Rosedale, Kilmany, Cooriemungle, and Wagga Wagga.

Fred Debono, 77, who played for Morwell, Churchill and currently plays with the East Gippsland over 60s and over 70s teams.

Keith Houghton, 71, who most recently played with Outtrim Moyarra Kongwak Cricket Club and prior to that played with Parkwood Cricket Club.

Trevor Wilson, 70, who played with local clubs Poowong and Loch as well as Pakenham.

Mike Newton, 72, who played at Maryborough, Lynbrook and Melbourne Club St Pious.

Jim Armstrong, 81, who played in Melbourne then with Officer and Endeavour Hills over 60s team.

Jim Armstrong has had the honour of playing in the world’s oldest cricket team.

He was the youngest player in the team at that stage when he was only 75.

All these players do not miss a training session held at Outtrim each Wednesday night and like all veteran cricketers cannot wait for the season to commence.