With regards to some of our beloved candidates for council demonising (maybe not quite?) certain groups, I draw readers’ attention to the following from The Weekend Australian Magazine of 25/9/21 which shows a way through.

The speaker is Anika Molesworth who has written a book, ‘Our Sunburnt Country’.

She was raised on a sheep farm and experienced the millennium drought and “over the years I started to understand the concepts of drought and climate change and realised it was such an enormous challenge”.

She was interviewed in Q & A: “As a founding director of Farmers for Climate Action, you aim to make food security and environmental sustainability compatible. Are you on speaking terms with large-scale producers?”

“Absolutely. It’s not about demonising certain groups of people, pointing fingers and saying, ‘you’re doing it wrong’. It’s about respectfully working with people who are in (e.g.) high carbon intensive industries… thanking them for their work because society had asked them to do this”.

Honestly, can we stop the us vs them?

Marion Ryan, Foster.