OVER the most recent lockdown period, the Junior School Council (JSC) at Kongwak Primary School decided to donate their profits from their Kongwak Market stall to Mahboba’s Promise in Afghanistan.

Once a month, the students hold a little stall at Kongwak Market to promote their school and make money, selling fresh produce from their garden, or eggs from their chickens.

So, when the JSC had a few online meetings, they decided to get creative and run some homemade art projects to sell at the next stall.

This was voluntary and up to the grade 3-6 students to participate, depending on time, availability and level of energy when consistently stuck at home.

One student, Riley, nominated himself to research a reliable charity, while others, Tahlia and Luhanna, nominated themselves to create posters for the stall.

Riley settled on Mahboba’s Promise, an Australian aid organisation which works with the federal government to bring much-needed support to families, widows and orphans arriving from Afghanistan.

The students came up with their own art and craft projects for the stall, so celebrating their skills and bringing them together on the Sunday was exciting.

The stall included mobile phone stands made from icy-pole sticks, as well as fancy soaps, bookmarks, creative paper bracelets, colourful playdough and birthday cards.

Other students ransacked their cupboards and donated books, toys, and clothes to the ‘make a donation’ table, hoping people would upcycle their loved belongings as well as help Australia’s war on waste.

The students who were at school during this time created Kongwak PS recyclable packaging for their produce and eggs, and helped harvest silverbeet and parsley.

Despite the windy weather and a smaller number of customers, the students raised $250, which they were very excited about.

Mahboba’s Promise will be appreciative of their efforts.

“Congratulations to all the students who collected eggs, created artworks, researched charities and held meetings,” the school said.

“The efforts were extraordinary and helped remind everyone that despite lockdowns, we are all united and can work well together.

“A special thanks to the students and families who were able to volunteer on the day.”