I am fully vaccinated. I made an informed choice to book in for the A-Z vaccine soon after I became eligible. I am aware there are very small risks of side effects, as there are with driving on our roads or flying in an areoplane. I made this choice because in my opinion it is for the greater good of our community.

I believe the health officials who tell us that the sooner we reach a certain level of vaccination in the community, the risk to people dying from COVID will be greatly reduced, as will the risk of our hospital system becoming overwhelmed to the point where it cannot cope with not only COVID patients, but also other unwell or injured people.

My work with the Bike Ed programs in schools, plus my work with the TAC L2P program for young learner drivers are now both considered Authorised Work. Therefore if I want to continue to operate in these fields, I would be compelled to get vaccinated. As I value these programs highly, I would get vaccinated in a heartbeat, if I wasn’t already.

While I generally respect that Hon. Russell Broadbent, MHR has the right to his opinions, as well as the right to express them, in my opinion he should be encouraging his constituents to get vaccinated, as it is for the greater good of the community.

In a recent edition of one of Melbourne’s daily papers, there is a photograph of an alleged anti-vaxxer whose arms have a high level of tattoos. In my opinion that is hypocritical, and for me that person lacks credibility.

I urge all eligible members of our community to book in and get the jab, got the greater good of our community, and to ensure the capacity of our health system is not compromised.

Don Turner, San Remo. 2020 Bass Coast Citizen of the Year.