As a regular reader and supporter of the Sentinel-Times, I was disappointed in your front-page story about a block crisis and allowing a vested interest to hammer the Bass Coast Council for delays and for going to VCAT about developments.

Matters go to VCAT because the council supports their community, not property speculators, and that is how it should be.

Your paper should be asking what do the residents of these towns like Wonthaggi think of the new developments and their busy streets, unaffordable property for their children and do they want to live in a town that will become a small Melbourne with packed streets and endless developments with no regard for residents?

I would say no, and the council represents them and fights for them and I support this. Well done Bass Coast Council, keep up the fight.

I live in South Gippsland where the council approves anything and everything. I was one of the residents who had the displeasure to deal with the administrators about a development that we opposed. I have no doubt they had their mind was made up before they even listened to us.

Our meeting with them was a total waste of time. It was a tick-a-box exercise for them with no regard for us who are residents and ratepayers.

They also just backed council staff and their decisions, and residents were always way down their priority list.

It is good the administrators are gone, and I hope they never return, I give them a big F for fail on many levels. All they did is introduce some policies and make it harder for councillors to push projects that would benefit their local areas that they represent, as reported in the Sentinel-Times.

We need good, elected councillors that follow good governance that will hold the council staff to account and represent their residents and fight for them, not vested interests, and not what the council wants but what do residents want.

I’m not a vested interest, I’m a resident, ratepayer and voter that lives in a country town, Mirboo North, and believe that communities should be listened to and represented. I have set up a Facebook page, ‘save our towns Australia’, so concerned residents of country towns can share ideas and help each other to save their towns. When I last looked, it was not a crime to oppose inappropriate property development.

Stephen Koci, Mirboo North.