CARINYA Aged Care cattle coordinator Eddie Hams has been quietly singing ‘It’s a grand old flag’ since the Demons broke the drought with a big grand final win over the Bulldogs.

But there is a second reason he is so happy.

The Carinya calf-raising program he has headed up has almost hit the $100,000 mark in net profit.

This outstanding achievement has come about thanks to the generosity of our farmer community, who have not only fattened the calves but have also made cash donations.

Our South Gippsland community should be extremely proud of the result to date, as it has been executed during the most difficult time for many people.

Carinya president, Jenny Blackmore, has written to all participants expressing her gratitude and that of the committee of management, staff and particularly the residents.

“The funds received will be used in support of several dementia-related projects, including a parkland area with a pathway named ‘Livestock Way’ as one of several examples of acknowledgement for the generous contribution made by our farming community,” Jenny said recently.

The parkland will include a gazebo, barbecue, toilet facilities, community garden and parking.

This initiative will create a vital community link for residents in a pleasant outdoor setting.

Our dairy farmers can jump in also and wean a calf or two to put out on the grass; this would help enormously at a time when beef calves are almost impossible to buy for a voluntary calf program.

If you are a dairy farmer and would like to contribute, please call Alan Fraser on 0428 388 956 or email