To all the new councillors, congratulations.

I wish you all the best in governing our shire and trust you will do so for all of us in our rich diversity.

To everyone who voted for me in Coastal-Promontory Ward, one, two or three, I am very appreciative of your faith in me and thank you for being prepared to give me your support.

I’m disappointed I won’t be representing you, but the new councillors have the responsibility to listen to us as well as their own supporters, and I intend to stay very active as a citizen through as many democratic processes as possible.

If you would like to continue to join me in this journey, please don’t hesitate to be in contact – I’d love to have a catch up with anyone and develop some ideas for how we citizens can hold the new council accountable to good governance principles, fairly representing all of us and putting South Gippsland on the map for exciting reasons. Again, very best wishes to the new councillors.

Sue Plowright, former candidate for Coastal-Promontory Ward, Toora.