By Sam Watson

CRICKET finally returned on Saturday after one of the longest pre-seasons of all time, and unsurprisingly another hurdle was thrown in the way of our local cricketers.

The hard effort all pre-season and the strong attention paid to COVID-safety still wasn’t enough to get a game for some teams, with rain making several matches unplayable.

Luckily not every game was washed out, with some clubs getting their first wins on the board, and most of those that were abandoned were still in the balance, with no obvious winner in sight.

But even though some matches were washed out, many cricketers would’ve been loving the return to their clubs and the chance to get outdoors and have fun with their mates again.

And no one would’ve loved it more than the junior cricketers who also got started on Saturday morning.

Although COVID restrictions meant the season started multiple weeks later than usual, most Saturdays haven’t been great weather so there would’ve been plenty of washouts anyway.

And at this stage there is still a high chance of rain in South Gippsland this Saturday.

What a start to the season.Full cricket coverage in this weeks edition of the South Gippsland Sentinel-Times.
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