THE state government is distributing generators to support families and businesses devastated by recent storms, with priority given to customers who are expected to remain without power into the weekend and next week due to the extensive damage.

Minister for Energy, Environment and Climate Change Lily D’Ambrosio today announced the deployment of more than 200 generators, to be distributed to those most in need in storm-affected areas, as well as additional compensation for households affected by prolonged outages.

The temporary measures are similar to those implemented after the severe June storms with generators to be provided to residential customers in eligible areas seeking support.

Residents affected by the storm who have been without power since the storm event on October 29 can expect to be contacted by AusNet Services and United Energy today and provided with contact details to apply for a generator.

Additionally, eligible people who receive the generators will still be able to receive additional support such as the Prolonged Power Outage Payment of $1,680 per week. The Victorian Government is currently working with the Commonwealth on support for businesses still without power.

Distribution of the eight-kilowatt generators will begin immediately, with a triage system prioritising distribution to ensure those most in need get a generator from this weekend.

The generators will provide people with enough energy to power basics like some lights, a microwave and a small heater.

Volunteers from emergency services agencies will help get generators and accessories to people in need. Safety information on setting up, refuelling and maintaining the generators will be provided by Energy Safe Victoria.

Extensive damage to the electricity network has left about 1,500 customers without power into this weekend. Energy providers will directly contact impacted customers, more information about the deployment can be found on the providers websites or