I write to offer my best wishes to the nine new councillors who have been elected to South Gippsland Shire Council.

Congratulations to Sarah Gilligan, Scott Rae, Mohya Davies (Coastal Promontory ward); Jenni Keerie, Mick Felton, Nathan Hersey (Strzelecki Ward); John Schelling, Clare Williams, Adrian Darakai (Tarwin Valley Ward).

It will be great to have an elected council in place again – we have a bright future ahead in South Gippsland and the council will play a key role.

I look forward to seeing what the new councillors bring to the table.

A good representative system is reliant on people who are prepared to put their hand up and lead and I thank all the candidates for who put themselves forward.

I hope we can now put the discord of the past behind us, and the new council can get on with doing the best it can for the residents and ratepayers of South Gippsland.

Danny O’Brien MP, The Nationals State Member for Gippsland South.