Gippsland Southern Health Service CEO Mark Johnston is encouraging members of the community to consider nominating for the board.


GIPPSLAND Southern Health Service (GSHS) wants local people to have a bigger say in its future by nominating for the board.
GSHS CEO Mark Johnson said the board needed a diverse mix of people to provide different skills and insight into the direction of the health service.
“We are looking for local people to attend board meetings 11 times a year and to participate in the governance of the health service,” Mr Johnson said.
The board is responsible for the strategic direction of the health service and overseeing implementation of the strategic plan.
There are currently three vacancies for three-year positions, with nominations closing on November 29.
Mr Johnson said he was keen to see more local people and younger people nominate for the board.
The current board has 11 members, seven women and four men, but only three are from the local area.
“We need more local people to consider nominating,” Mr Johnson said. “Local people have an understanding of the community’s needs and feel an ownership of the health service.
“We have a diversity of skills and want to encourage people who understand the importance of patient safety and services to the community.”
People can self-nominate for the positions and go through an interview process before being appointed by the Minister for Health.
Information about how to apply is available at