If lobster isn’t your first choice, there’s plenty of other options at the San Remo Fisherman’s Co-op, fresh or cooked, or ready to eat with your choice of chips, salad and condiments.


THEY’RE out there right now, just off Phillip Island, checking their pots.

It’s the new Southern Rock Lobster season in Victoria and the local cray fishermen have wasted no time landing a good-sized commercial catch on the jetty at San Remo.

The season opened on Tuesday, November 16 and by Friday, the local fishermen were in with their first catch of the season.

The lobsters, fresh or cooked, are in the fridges at the San Remo Fisherman’s Co-op and with China still out of the market, the predictions of cheaper prices between now and Christmas have come to fruition.

Where you could have paid $140kg to $200kg for a nice, fresh lobster just two years ago, the price is down closer to the $70kg mark.

At the co-op they are advertising that the “Crays are Back in Season” and are offering live crays for $78 per kg and cooked $88 per kg.

It’s a bargain and a chance to enjoy the very best seafood on the planet, according to San Remo lobster fisherman and member of Seafood Industry Victoria, Matthew Harry.

He told the Age during the week that the industry has been battling on without access to the China market, and in the face of lower domestic prices, but acknowledged it’s a chance for local consumers to benefit.

“While our fishers are missing out because of the import ban, Victorian consumers are benefitting, with access to some of the best seafood on the planet at some of the lowest prices,” Mr Harry said.

“By buying Victorian southern rock lobster this season, you are helping maintain this sustainable fishery.”

But on 3AW he said consumers should jump in now before an expected price lift just before Christmas.

“We are finding other markets in Singapore, Japan, Taiwan, Vietnam, and even America is starting to buy a few, but more importantly the local market is starting to buy a few,” he told 3AW.

But Mr Harry said anyone thinking about buying a lobster should do soon.

“There will be increased demand leading up to Christmas this year, so now is a great time with great prices to get hold of a lobster,” he said.

As expected, cray fish are half the price they were two years ago with the China ban slashing the price of locally caught Southern Rock Lobster.