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THE stop start return to local cricket looks set to get back on track on Saturday, November 20 with the weather taking a turn for the better.

Earlier in the week, it looked as if the cycle of fine weather midweek, and rain at the weekend was going to continue but the Bureau of Meteorology has since moderated its forecast for Saturday.

The “possible showers” have largely held off on Friday and a forecast of cool, cloudy but fine conditions on Saturday should be enough to get most cricket underway, albeit on heavy grounds in most cases.

There have however been some changes in venues as follows:

A Grade (Division 1)

Nerrena v Club at East Campus (not Nerrena)

Others in A1 as listed

Imps v KoonwarraLRSL (Leongatha Turf)

Inverloch v Phillip Island (Inverloch Turf)

OMK v Town (Outtrim)

A Grade (Division 2)

Foster v Club Newhaven Rec (Not Foster GC)

Others in A2 as listed

Glen Alvie v Korumburra (Won Turf)

Kilcunda Bass v OMK (Bass 1)

MDU v Nyora (Meeniyan)

B Grade (Div 1)

All venues as listed

Korumburra v Imps at Korumburra Rec)

Koonwarra/LRSL v Nerrena at Koonwarra

Town v MDU at Scorpion Park 1

Phillip Island v Inverloch at Cowes

B Grade (Div 2)

Poowong Loch v Glen Alvie at Poowong

Phillip Island v Foster at Rhyll

Nyora v Club at Nyora

OMK v Kilcunda Bass at Dalyston (not Digger Park)

C Grade (Div 1)

All venues as listed

C Grade (Div 2)

CHANGE: Koonwarra (Blue) v Phillip Island at Glen Alvie (not Mary Mac still no pitch)