CHOCOLATE, beer and medicine face massive supply disruptions over Christmas if a manufacturer which produces 70,000 timber pallets a month can’t access timber, according to The Nationals.

“Dormit, at Dandenong South, would usually be providing 70,000 timber pallets per month to the supply chain for the transport of food and beverages, fresh produce and pharmaceuticals – within Victoria and interstate,” state leader of The Nationals, Peter Walsh, said in a media statement this morning (Tuesday, November 30).

“But access to timber resource has dried up with the Andrews Labor Government’s policies limiting access to timber and multiple court injunctions that have locked out harvest and haulage operators in Gippsland and north-east Victoria.”

Leader of The Nationals Peter Walsh and Member for Eastern Victoria Melina Bath visited the Dormit factory on the weekend, where they say 40 jobs are on the line in coming days if Labor fails to make timber available.

“The factory would usually be working up to six days a week to produce 70,000 timber pallets per month, but that’s dwindled to next to nothing and will come to a halt in days without a supply of new logs,” Mr Walsh said.

“Demand is through the roof for timber pallets, particularly over Christmas, when supermarkets increase their orders for food and drink.

“But the shortage has also got our farmers worried with the harvest of grapes and stonefruit requiring a steady supply in the next few months to get fresh produce from the farm to wholesale markets in Melbourne and interstate.”

Without production of new pallets, the supply chain would grind to a halt, Mr Walsh said in a statement.

In an article published in The Sydney Morning Herald about the issue of pallets, convenor of Environment East Gippsland, Jill Redwood, said: “There are hundreds of coupes that are available for logging and we’ve had a bushfire that’s burnt 80 per cent of the region, we’ve had heavy rains, five inches of rain over a week.”