By Sam Watson

• Senior Coach: Peter Miller.

• B Grade Captain: Peter Miller.

• Key recruits: Peter Miller (OMK), Anwar Magnusson, Ben Giles, Saqib Malik.

• Key departures: Lachie Harris, Nathan Findlay (Glen Alvie), Matt Hancock (Korumburra).

• 2020/21 B2 finish: Semi-final.

• 2020/21 leading batsman: Lachie Harris (60.60 avg).

• 2020/21 leading bowler: Nathan Findlay (17 wkts at 15.12).

THE Poowong-Loch Cricket Club is doing everything in its power to keep competing in the LDCA, and this year OMK legend Peter Miller will take charge of the senior side.

The club announced Miller’s signing two weeks ago and they can’t wait for the upcoming season under the veteran.

Like many at the club, president Alex Dixon was rapt with the appointment.

“Peter comes with an excellent background in leadership – he’s a quality cricketer,” Dixon said.

“Peter’s goal at Poowong-Loch is not so much about winning premierships, it’s about strengthening the club culture and promoting the game and country cricket in general.

“He likes what’s happening at Poowong-Loch and he’ll be heavily involved at committee level also.”

Last season, Poowong-Loch only fielded a B2 squad, and they will be doing the same thing again in 2021/22.

Leading run scorer Lachie Harris has departed the club to captain Glen Alvie’s A Grade side and he has been followed by leading bowler Nathan Findlay.

Powerhouse hitter Matt Hancock will also depart for Korumburra, with multiple other players from last year, but luckily for the club, some are coming back to join Peter Miller.

With the very solid numbers at training sessions, the club should have no issues fielding a B2 side and if things keep progressing the way they are, they’ll certainly be bullish about their chances when the first ball is bowled.

Their first four home games of the season will be played at Poowong on a “carpet-like” deck and the club’s extremely happy with the opportunity to host the LDCA awards night next year.

And their biggest fundraiser, the annual shearing day, will be back for its 25th year around Christmas time.