A VICTORIA Police farm crime roadshow hit the streets of Warragul last week to help inform farmers on how to keep their livestock and property safe from thieves.

Farm Crime Specialists spent last Wednesday, November 17, chatting with farmers about important safety tips and handed out farm gate signs and security checklists.

“We had a lot of farmers approach us to talk about what they can do to keep their property safe,” Leading Senior Constable Paula Fowler, a farm crime liaison officer, said.

“There’s a lot of farmers that have information and tell their neighbours, but they don’t think to talk to police.

“Any information we get helps being able to solve crimes.

“If there’s an area with suspicious vehicles, they can contact police and let us know or CrimeStoppers, and we could do more patrols and find out what’s going on.”

Ldg Snr Const Fowler emphasised that public information was crucial for police in dealing with farm crime incidents.

Ldg Snr Const Fowler also encouraged farmers to install CCTV and ensure their belongings were well secure, and to properly store their firearms.