Mackenzie Findlay – winner for design technology.

Shannen de Bondt – winner for studio art.

KORUMBURRA Secondary College’s year 12 VCE art show was held from October 18 to 21, showcasing a stunning array of students’ work.

Unfortunately, this year parents were unable to attend, but the whole year 12 cohort gathered to celebrate and view the works on display.

The art show included works from students studying studio art, design technology, and visual communication design.

After a year of lockdowns and remote learning, all the works on display showed incredible talent, creativity and dedication to these subjects.

A panel of teachers and staff judged the works and awarded a prize to one student from each class.

These went to Shannen de Bondt for studio art, Tarkwyn Beddegenoodts for visual communication design and Mackenzie Findlay for design technology.