Successful candidates and new South Gippsland councillors Mohya Davies from Foster and Clare Williams of Leongatha give voters the thumbs up at the publishing of results in Leongatha on Tuesday.


THE results are in for the South Gippsland Shire Council election.

At the final counting of votes in the Leongatha VEC electoral office this morning, the nine people who will make up the new council were confirmed.

Elected were as follows:

* Coastal Promontory Ward: Sarah Gilligan, Scott Rae and Mohya Davies.

* Strzelecki Ward: Jenni Keerie, Mick Felton and Nathan Hersey.

* Tarwin Valley: John Schelling, Clare Williams, Adrian Darakai.

The new group are due to be sworn in at 1.30pm today.

The only one among the group of essentially cleanskins, with council experience, and also council leadership experience (deputy mayor), is Mohya Davies from Foster.

She is the obvious choice for mayor.

The outcome has left all of the dismissed councillors on the sidelines; no Don Hill, no Rosemary Cousin, no Andrew McEwen and no Frank Hirst.


First Preference Votes

Strzelecki Ward

David Amor 1003

Jim Forbes 1299

Mick Felton 1393

Frank Hirst 525

Andrew McEwen 502

Nathan Hersey 1277

Jenni Keerie 1816

Quota 1954

Total 7815


First Preference Votes

Coastal Promontory Ward

Scott Rae 1188

Mohya Davies 1113

David Liebelt 771

Anda Banikos 318

Mat Morgan 798

Sue Plowright 763

Sarah Gilligan 1076

Quota 1507

Total 6027


First Preference Votes

Tarwin Valley Ward

Jeremy Curtis 410

Lindsay Love 423

Andrew Corcoran 143

Adrian Darakai 743

Rosemary Cousin 720

John Schelling 2337

Nicole Edwards-Galal 301

Clare Williams 1672

Don Hill 641

Les Harmer 294

Quota 1921

Total 7684