Thank you for your front-page story (‘Banking bully’, December 14) whereby the Andrews government is trying to force all government agencies to transfer their banking to three of the big banks.

The vague explanation given is a state contract designed to improve access to competitive rates and value add industry products.

This is no doubt a big benefit to the “improved access” to schools, and others, needing to travel 30 minutes or more to the approved bank, the “competitive” interest rates available these days and whatever the value added and industry products may be available to them.

And bad luck to those towns wishing to support their community banks and keep banking services in their town.
In the letter section, ALP MP Jordan Crugnale says there is still more work for her to do, that she will be fighting for her communities and hopes we will continue to seek her assistance and advocacy. I’m not sure in the authoritarian state of Victoria she is actually able to do anything, but she could start by trying to keep, and support, the community banks in our towns.

Steve Finlay, Leongatha.