It’s been pleasing to hear this week that some of the more pragmatic members of the various conservation groups appear to be dropping their previous opposition to the Inverloch Surf Parade shared pathway project.

As long-term residents and visitors will know, the senior bureaucrats at BCSC and a minority of opposing councillors have allowed progress on this vital community asset to stall for years while they hide behind the big skirt of DELWP and the now widely repudiated RaSP.

Here’s some explanation for those newer ratepayers and residents who are unfamiliar with the saga to date.
• The Surf Parade Shared Pathway was first proposed at council in 2014.
• Stage 1 from Ayr Creek to Veronica St was finally completed a few years ago.
• In 2019, BCSC undertook what is likely to have been its most successful ever community consultation survey to determine which of two options the community preferred for stage 2 from Veronica St to the Surf Life Saving Club at Goroke St.
• At the conclusion of the consultation period, council had received a total of 1636 submissions.
• A whopping 73 per cent (1191) of respondents favoured Option 2.

However, despite council in 2019 having acknowledged and agreed to the community’s clearly expressed will for design option 2, powerful and influential groups are opposed to design option 2, and they have consistently opposed it from progressing.

And council still today only talks about completing half the job, probably sometime in 2022.

That is, BCSC is only talking about completing the path between Veronica St to Ozone St, and not to Goroke St as the previous council agreed to in 2019.

So, still the community must face the safety hazard of negotiating the roadway and traffic to reach the clubhouse from the East.

With more and more conservation group members now dropping their opposition to the pathway, surely there can be but only a few remaining zealots who will continue to oppose this sensible infrastructure work from to proceeding.

After all, it’s not rocket science, it’s just a footpath.

Just get on with it, BCSC.

Kevin Griffin, Wonthaggi.