DRIVING innovation is Pound Creek farmer Jasmine McJames’ goal after receiving a vital scholarship to help fund her career.

Jasmin was among 13 farmers from across the state who were celebrated at the 2021 Upskill and Invest Young Farmers Scholarship Awards earlier this month.

The program, which has awarded 89 scholarships since 2015, supports young farmers with up to $10,000 to boost their skills and careers.

Each recipient is eligible for up to $5000 to upskill through study and training, followed by $5000 to invest in putting new skills into practice with on-farm equipment and technology or further professional development.

Jasmin has been working on her family’s Pound Creek farm – which stocks both dairy and beef cattle – where she grew up on.

“Over the past 12 to 15 months, I’ve stepped into more of a management role on the farm,” she said.

“I ended up doing a Diploma of Agriculture and I was looking for a program to fund that and possibly fund some technology, which was business management software.

“This helps us with auditing, operational efficiency and communication on-farm.”

Jasmin said after applying through the program, she received $9500, with $5000 to support her diploma and the rest towards investments.

“I invested in the AgriWebb app; it’s a farm management app for our auditing and making sure we’ve got solid records,” she said.

“And general records for our cattle as well.

“I’ve got a full year to trial that, and I’ve also made a subscription to Xero financial software as well.”
Among the farm’s innovative advances, they have implemented windmills to help generate power and plan to install solar.

“That will help power our farm and we’re also slowly implementing solar fencing as well,” she said.

“I believe it can all make such a massive difference, in particular the AgriWebb app.”

Jasmin is also studying a Bachelor of Nursing, but feels she is well prepared for any challenges that come her way thanks to her experience on the farm.