CHANGES to speed limits on several roads across Phillip Island will be implemented later this year, according to Regional Roads Victoria (RRV).

RRV, along with Bass Coast Shire, has undertaken an Island-wide review of speed zones on 100km/h arterial and municipal roads, to decide whether these high-speed zones require a speed reduction.

This includes:

• Churchill Road – current speed 100km/h; reduced to 60km/h.

• Ventnor Beach Road – current speed 100km/h; reduced to 80km/h.

• Back Beach Road – current speed 100km/h; reduced to 80km/h.

It is hoped the speed reductions will help reduce road trauma and the severity of car crashes.

“The fact is, speed impacts reaction time; slower speeds give drivers more time to react if something goes wrong or an animal crosses the road, and there’s more chance of regaining control and avoiding a crash,” Department of Transport Gippsland acting director Henry Lam said.

“Phillip Island is unlike any other part of Victoria. Despite the introduction of various treatments over the years which aimed to reduce crashes with wildlife, we haven’t had enough of a reduction of crashes with animals.

“Local organisations and community groups have expressed their support for safer speeds, including the local police, Phillip Island Nature Parks, Destination Phillip Island and the Island Voice Progress Association.

“The community told us Coghlan Road and Cowes-Rhyll Road are important routes for freight and industry. Because of this feedback, we have decided to maintain the existing speed limit on these roads until we have completed further investigations.”

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