A SURF Beach resident has voiced his opposition to the shire’s proposal to implement a special charge scheme but believes the estate needs improvements.

Council announced in late October they would explore the scheme at Surf Beach and Sunderland Bay estates.

As part of council’s Urban Road and Drainage Program, the special charge allows council to pass on the cost of constructing sealed roads, kerb and channel, footpaths, underground drainage and other capital infrastructure to the owners of properties.

Since the announcement, feedback has been sought from residents mainly through an online interactive map, allowing residents to comment their concerns on different aspects at the estates.

Issues raised so far have included dust, flooding, erosion, dangerous traffic situations, pedestrian safety and lack of lighting at the estates, with mixed opinions on whether the special charge should be applied.

Bass Coast Ratepayers and Resident Association committee member, and long-time Surf Beach resident, John Trigt, said he was not supportive of the scheme.

“Yes, the estate has a dust problem, mainly on The Esplanade and roads connecting Phillip Island Tourist Road to The Esplanade,” he said.

“Traffic increases especially during the summer season, and there are issues with drainage from the gutters.

“But is the council proposal for the special charge scheme the answer?”

Mr Trigt suggested access roads into the estate and The Esplanade could be tar sealed, while other roads should have dead ends.

“This should minimise the dust on the other roads, as only local traffic would use them and people could walk on these roads safely, with a 30km/h speed limit possibly,” he said.

“The access roads would have a speed limit of 50km/h, with speed humps to control the speed.”

And to help manage flooding issues, Mr Trigt believed concrete channels should be established on both sides of the streets to improve drainage.

Council had estimated the project could cost between $22.8m and $30.4m, and take up to four years of planning and approvals before commencing.

A large portion of the project cost would be required from the community, while the overall cost would be split with council.

Mr Trigt said as a large percentage of the estate’s properties are either holiday homes or residents on fixed incomes, most won’t be able to afford the cost of the scheme.

Consultation has been extended until Monday, December 20.

To provide feedback, visit basscoast.vic.gov.au/surfbeachroads to access the interactive map, engagement platform and community questionnaire.