RESPECTED Herald Sun crime writer, Andrew Rule, has lifted the lid on the 21-year-old Korumburra murder which still haunts the town.

And in sensational claims, Mr Rule reports that the woman, a local drug dealer who organised the hit, still lives in the town and is still dealing drugs under the noses of local police.

Another involved, the driver of the getaway car, also likely still lives in South Gippsland, he claims.

The actual shooter has long since moved to Queensland, where she is living in anonymity.

The sensational claims, which will bring memories flooding back for those who knew the victim, Mike Lowry, and knew something of the circumstances surrounding the Thursday, January 18, 2001 crime, appears in a recent edition of the Herald Sun and also online.

As well as claiming to know the identities of the organised crime-connected individuals involved, Mr Rule also claims the local person most closely connected with the incident at the time, the late Vickie Wyhoon, in fact had nothing to do with it and was wrongly accused, her life ruined by the public notoriety that hounded her to her grave.

In an interview published in the Leongatha Star in February 2013, after a Melbourne Coroner left open the likely circumstances surrounding the crime, Ms Wyhoon gave an interview in which she again restated her innocence.

“I’m still the suspect,” she said of the open finding.

“But I don’t mind talking about it because I’m innocent.

“I just wish he’d woken up so he could have told everyone who shot him. It’s been a horrible life since the shooting,” she said.

For the full story, go to the Herald Sun website and search: “New source says eavesdropping sealed Korumburra publican’s fate”.